These days, on the training field of the “Emergency Area” competition within the framework of the International Army Games 2022 in Vietnam, the atmosphere is so inspiring. To ensure the best serve for training and participating in competition, the work of material assurance for obstacle lines is also urgently and continuously deployed.

Major Nguyen Dinh Anh Tuan, Captain of the Material and equipment assurance group for the “Emergency Area” competition said: Due to the huge amount of preparation work, the group has to carefully supervise and make favorable condition for teams to practice, and quickly fix unexpected technical issues. During the teams’ training, the group has to divide into several sub-section, alternately bring the equipment back to the starting position to create the most favorable conditions for the next teams to practice.

 Despite being affected by bad weather, the specialized forces for training field assurance still carry out its work, meeting the demand of the organizers as well as the participating teams, in order to ensure the best conditions of obstacle lines for training and competition.
Not only on the field, other sustainment branches such as the Logistics branch are also deploying work smoothly to meet the training requirements of teams as well as the best preparation for competition. Senior Colonel Nguyen Tat Dat, Head of Military Supplies Division under the Logistics Department – General Staff noted: “Ensuring daily diet for athletes is an important content to ensure the best physical condition for athletes in training and competition, so the Logistic Department has directed it to buy food from qualified sources, and make sure that all food inputs are supervised and tested by the Institute of Hygiene and Prevention”.

Each serving is taken care of by the Logistics branch to ensure the best nutrition to meet the physical demand of the athletes. With qualified force to serve this International Army Games, the Logistics branch will serve to ensure from 500-600 dishes per time, 3 times a day. This is a huge amount of work, taking into account different stages from receiving, sorting food, pre-processing and cooking finished dishes.

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It can be said that, up to this point, all preparation work for the International Army Games 2022 have been conducting smoothly, meeting the demands for both practice and competition. Along with the logistics force, other forces such as field referees and technicians are trying their best to create the most favorable conditions for the the event. Each athlete feels comfortable when competing and each safe training vehicle are small achievements that contributes to the overall success of the 2022 International Army Games in Vietnam.


Dinh Quang – Thu Lien

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